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By combining the experience and knowledge of our team, we can systematically use the most suitable tools to achieve the greatest benefit that the pension system provides to its members, covering mandatory contributions, voluntary retirement savings plans, agreed deposits, bonds, group voluntary retirement savings plans etc., thereby successfully managing your tax burden, your future cash flows and planning your pension for the age you choose.

Access to pensions is also offered through a one-off investment in instruments that guarantee a pension for life or for the period clients choose, and this way they can benefit from their own private annuities.

Definition of a voluntary retirement savings plan: This is the sum of money that a worker decides to add to his mandatory retirement savings plan in order to improve or bring forward his future pension, lowering the tax rate for all of the money saved in a voluntary retirement savings plan, with a monthly maximum of 50 UF. Agreed deposits: This is the agreement between a company and a worker and according to which the latter contributes a maximum annual sum of 900 UF to his pension fund in order to improve his pension and lighten his current tax burden, as well as representing a benefit for both parties.